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Virtual machines on Linux

Quick notes on working with VMs on Linux (debian)

Read it aloud: play pause stop


Installation of the gaming machine#

TODO when reinstalling.

Moving a VM#

Based on `Moving KVM/QEMU VMs <https://kamprianis.eu/michalis/i.think/personal/200628-moving-kvmqemu-vms-.html>`__ on kamprianis.eu

  1. Shut VM down
  2. Use virsh list --all, sudo virsh list --all and sudo virsh pool-list --all respectively to get infos
  3. sudo mv <old_path>/mv.qcow2 <new_path>/mv.qcow2
  4. sudo service libvirtd restart
  5. sudo virsh vol-list to check if machine is recognized
  6. sudo virsh edit debian10, search for old path and replace it.
  7. boot VM to check if all is well.