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Homebrew cloud gaming setup

Cloud gaming is actually awesome when you are the one in control.

Read it aloud: play pause stop


Installation of the gaming machine#

If you want to game on linux, see Linux gaming setup for a smooth Linux install.

Turning the machine on and off remotely#

This is an optional step, as you can just leave your machine running 24/7. But if you care about electricity bill and your hardware, this is how to turn on and off your machine.

Turning on#

Use local server to wake up machine (require setting up Wake on LAN in gaming machine's BIOS/UEFI)

You can use a SSH script and SSH key authentification to have a simple "turn on" shortcut on your remote machine running linux:

nemecle@niflheim > ~ > cat wol_ultimatebob.sh
#!/bin/bash set -Eeuo pipefail

ssh nemecle@server.local -p 34423 wakeonlan <mac_address>

Turning off#

From the Smartphone Steam link, simply use the dedicated button

From a computer, add a non-steam game on the gaming computer, select any program, change the shortcut properties to "C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe" -s -t 00, or /sbin/poweroff if it runs on linux, and call that "game" remote shutdown. When you want to turn off the computer remotely, simply "stream" the game.

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Controlling from a smartphone (yes!)#

It's actually possible to control the computer from a smartphone. Even over LTE, it is still playable, as long as you are confortable with using a controller rather than a keyboard-mouse setup.

  1. Simply download the Steam Link (more info and other devices here), Go to settings ⚙️, Computer, hit Other Computer. Write down the PIN.
  2. On the computer, open Steam, go to Settings, Remote Play, and PAIR STEAM LINK, and enter the PIN.
  3. Get yourself a smartphone controller. Touch control is a sham.


Un smartphone avec une manette, devant le PC qu'il contrôle, avec le jeu Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3, running on debian. What an era.


If Steam shows "install" on remote machine despite game being installed on gaming machine, select remote machine with down arrow next to it and click "install" anyway: it will launch game as stream anyway

On a windows computer, Steam sometimes start as delayed, or doesn't start at all, when the computer is remotely shut down. It seems like the shutdown command doesn't actually behaves like the shutdown button.