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The tenth circle of (sysadmin) hell

Shit circus

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One of my weirdest missions as an IT contractor. I was send to another contracting company as a helping hand because they were short on staff. It was a mixed bag of horrible HR management and absurd IT ecosystem. I was supposed to be the "transverse team" of one of their development sites with ~50 people, split into various teams for a month or two so they could find a replacement for the previous guy. The mission included managing their ISP contract, their on-site datacenter, their Active Directory and the whole IT environment, their deployement process, and even helping with the Q&A of their software and some development. A real Jack-of-all-trades position, which was already a bad sign.

The following shit circus ensued:

I ended up being exfiltrated by my manager after a month and a half, and with no -victim- replacement available the site Lead-manager took over the transverse mission by default.