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I've got 80243004 problems

Just a Windows update thing

Read it aloud: play pause stop
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I was working as a contractor, and was tasked to update a client's infrastructure at 4am. I connected to their interface to access all the servers, about 20 Linux servers and 30 Windows server.

Linux servers went flawlessly and without reboots.

About 2/3 of the windows servers went well, some required additional reboot to work, and a few to clean up download cache.

But one of them refused to update no matter what I tried. So I actually woke up and started investigating. As it usually go with windows, I searched the error code on the web: nothing special came up.

The sun was now rising.

I finally stumbled upon a post on microsoft's forums.

Try expanding the system tray [the space with time, date and software icons in the bottom right corner of the screen]: it should be abnormally large.

And sure thing, the thing popped up and took most of the screen, for two pityful icons.

simply resize the tray by selecting the tray and clicking Customize

And well, yeah, it went back to its normal size. Not sure where this is going though.

Re-run Windows update and you will find that it now works properly.

Windows 7 update - error codes 800700D and 80243004 (Archive)