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WIP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Read it aloud: play pause stop

This website is under construction

This website is still under construction.

I mean, it will always be, because I can't commit to a design or an editorial line, but some stuff is broken beyond that.

Such aaaaaaas...

The "txt" index page, which absolutely doesn't sort articles by language, despite the obvious buttons.

The h3 elements which are ugly and not easy to find when scanning the page. I have yet to find a suitable design.

See for yourself.

The text to speech buttons, which read the wrong elements. Don't press on it, it gets messy.

sidenotes! [1].

[1]Which do not go to the side of the text, because i'm using a new layout based on a CSS grid, so it doesn't align with its reference.

Same goes for figures:

the favicon.

A right aligned figure.

the favicon.

And a left aligned figure.

[EDIT] actually, right sided figures seem to work.