"SchlavagosIT" on https://aligot-death.space, available at https://aligot-death.space/schlavagosIT


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probably the best of something

"schlag(os)": traditional french word meaning "crafty", "smart" or "incredibly in touch with the requirements and constraints".
"av": typical french mid-word modifier meaning "very".
So you know you can trust us when we, SchlavagosIT, say that we can be trusted.

Our world class datacenter Tier -IV

A small computer and a NAS in a plastic crate as a homelab
A WiFi Access Point in a cooking bag, on the edge of a window

Our all weather internet Access Points for global connectivity

Repair and maintenance using military grade good practices

toothpicks used as a wedge to prevent
An antenna with a very suspicious look.

Anti-concealement scientific hardware for regular contact with law enforcement (security)